Sealing ring set, yellow


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  • NP749AA
  • NP7/49AA
  • A22040A, A0481, A22014T, A22041T, A42011T, A22041A, A42011A, A22040T, 8499-05, 07B5
  • Product description

    Sealing ring set, yellow

    usable f. OLY A22040A/-T, A22041A/-T

    24CH/FR. (2x black + 5x yellow)

    Product information "Sealing ring set, yellow"


    Risk of damage!

    Do not use any pointed, sharp objects to press the sealing rings into the notch. The sealing rings may be damaged.


    Insert the sealing rings:

    • During insertion of the sealing rings make sure that the sealing ring’s flat side points towards the notch and the sealing lip points outwards.
    • Make sure that the sealing ring has been evenly inserted into the notch.