Protector tube for Endoscopes


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  • NP920D
  • NP9/20D
  • PR.70-1831, 723750 A, NP 9/20D
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    Protector tube for Endoscopes

    Plastic, color: violet

    Product information "Protector tube for Endoscopes"


    Protects medical endoscopes against damage during transport and during sterilization. Assembling of two tubes will also allow a protection for Urology- and Gynaecology-Scopes.


    Suitable for

    • Steam-Sterilization (max. t = 134°C)
    • EO-Sterilization (max. t = 80°C)
    • Plasma-Sterilization (max. t = 60°C)
    • Gamma-Sterilization
    • Beta-Sterilization
danmed_endoskopschutzrohre_np9_20a.jpg Protector tube for Endoscopes, Plastic NP9/20A
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danmed_endoskopschutzrohre_np9_20b.jpg Protector tube Plastic for Endoscopes NP9/20B
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danmed_endoskopschutzrohre_np9_20c.jpg Protector tube Plastic for Endoscopes NP9/20C
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