DANmed Hi Tech Oil Pen


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    DANmed Hi Tech Oil Pen

    for instruments care, sterilizable,

    10 ml, temperature stable up to 260°C

    Product information "DANmed Hi Tech Oil Pen"


    Our DANmed Oil has been developed for us for lubrication of reusable surgical and dental instruments.
    For the medical science there are counting highest requirements in reference of quality, ingredients and toxicologically harmlessness. The medical instruments have to be lubricated prior to sterilization. That is why medical oil has to be vapor permeable for autoclave (134°C/273°F) and heat resistant over 180°C (356°F) for heat sterilization. The premise for placing a medical product or medical equipment on the market (like our DANmed Oil) is the validation of these products. 


    Furthermore our DANmed Oil is physiologically harmless, odorless, vapor permeable and equates the requirements of DAB and LFBG as well as USDA and FDA (HI) and is heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F) and leaves no encrustations / residues on the surfaces.

  Our DANmed Oil has been developed for us for lubrication of reusable surgical and... more
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